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Building organisational capacity and performance, shaping powerful relationships with internal and external stakeholders and clients - Partnering Works delivers.

Partnering Works is the company established by Carolyn Mason in 2006.

The power to deliver great results for individuals and success in business is critically linked to the quality and performance of people and their internal and external relationships. This requires a frame of reference for determining where you are now and where you need to go to build high performance relationships - and the road map for this journey. This is where Partnering Works comes in.

Partnering Works offers a flexible range of products and experiences tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. The service covers three key areas:

• People and Partnering
• Strategy
• Governance

Carolyn brings enthusiasm, ethics and analysis to her work with individuals and organizations, demonstrating the motivation to act for the benefit of her clients.

Carolyn is an outstanding facilitator with very strong expertise in change management and relationship management. She uses dynamic facilitation methods, and an engaging and nurturing approach.
International Programs Manager, QUT

Carolyn Mason

Carolyn Mason, Owner-Director, Partnering Works